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How are the knights and the code of chivalry depicted differently than in Gawain?

In the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain represents the faithful warrior a knight who uses the chivalric approach to fighting. Gawain also displays self-control and level-headedness when making judgments. The knights and code of chivalry are more to do with the art of war rather than with womanizing. Gawain who is the embodiment of a true chivalrous knight shows his loyalty to his honor.

On the other hand in Le Morte Darthur, by Sir Thomas Malory, the characters show acts of chivalry from beginning to end. The act of chivalry is the qualification for becoming an ideal knight. Bravery and loyalty are two very important aspects that a knight must have and they complement each other. Even when Arthur knew beforehand that he will be killed if he fights Mordred, he fought. That was a brave act. Courtly love played a very important part in the chivalric code of Morte Darthur, and although it was kept a secret, even then it was celebrated and appeared to be as important as bravery and loyalty.

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