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Every profession has certain rules and guidelines which people must abide by in order to be able to continue in the profession. These guidelines and rules are known as ethics. Codes of ethics are basically the accepted and approved behaviors which people of a particular profession must abide by. Almost every organization runs according to codes of ethics.

Certain professions are seen to be sensitive and these require ethical guidelines. Such professions include investment banking, health care and insurance and those professions which involve having to deal with people from other cultures. Apart from having to have ethical guidelines for a profession because it is required, codes of ethics help to give a business confidence and it also shows members of the public how dedicated a certain firm is towards their work and how seriously they abide by it.

Every country and every organization has its own codes of ethics and codes of conduct. There are certainly simple and straightforward rules which every company must abide by however the more important details for every country tends to be different. This is because every company deals in different things and operates in different countries. A company will not have the same goals as another even if both exist in the same industry.

When an employee joins a new firm, he/she is made aware of the way in which a business operates. This would include in making them aware of the rules and regulations which must be followed in the workplace and the way in which the firm conducts business. Most organizations also tell their employees how they are expected to behave. The ways in which an employee is supposed to behave may include showing confidentiality in work, working together as a team and keeping all information exclusive, not leaking out any information and not using it for the wrong reasons.

Every firm requires all its employees to work according to these specific guidelines as that is the only way in which a firm can succeed. If members of a team all work together and follow the rules, regulations, and aspects the firm stands by, there is no reason why there should be any problem in the way business is conducted. Every member would abide by the rules or else be given warnings about their behavior. The code of ethics….

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