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This paper is a critique of an article detailing the Cistercian and Dominican plan of life. The article is titled “CLC Plan of Life”. The article is more informative than anything else as it tries to give a layman the information about the teachings of the Cistercian and Dominican church. The article gives in detail the philosophy of living one’s life in a contemporary world and still holding on to one’s religious beliefs and customs.

The author begins with the idea that even in these highly materialistic and modern times when generally it is supposed that people are turning away from religion and religious teachings and leading lives that purely secular and materialistic, however, the truth according to the writer is that people are now tired of their godless lives and are turning in greater numbers towards religion as representing more profound meaning to existence and to life. They seek for meaning to their lives with spiritual teachings providing help in coping with one’s life and improving one’s inner contentment.

The author further goes on to say that the existence of human beings is entirely dependent on the goal of becoming closer to God and to Jesus through adopting a way of life that is nearest to them. The importance of prayer is underlined, as it is a prayer that develops spiritual commitment and leads to a discovery of one’s inner self.

Following the utility of plan of life is actually explained as it helps the members in developing their secular life based on Cistercian traditions. This does not mean that the life of the member is the same; it changes significantly as they incorporate the teachings of the church.

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