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  1. Summary of the article

The majority of parents found their child care arrangement through friends, neighbors or relatives; 10 percent found care through an R&R. Sixty percent of parents said that quality was the most important consideration in choosing their current arrangement. The most frequently cited aspect of quality was a “warm and loving staff/provider.” Availability, location, or hours were the most important aspect for about a quarter of the families, and the cost was most important for about 10 percent. (National Association for the Education of Young, 1991)

The writer of the article is trying to put some light on two sources of problems in the management and planning of quality child care for infants and toddlers, by evaluating six key components of early group experience: group size; quality of the physical environment; primary caregiving assignments; continuity of care; cultural and familial continuity; and meeting the needs of the individual within the group context. How these components of group care are addressed determines, to a large extent, the opportunities for responsive caregiving and caring relationships in infant/toddler child care. He supports his text by providing good examples of the early childhood of some toddlers, providing the problem concerning the child along with the proper remedy to overcome the problem.

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