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High School can be a traumatic four year experience as most teenagers would believe as they were going through it.  However, in my four years of high school, I have found that there is one thing that has made things easier for me since my freshman year.  Playing football has been the one thing that has made it easier for me in my first year of high school.  Football does several things for everyone who has played it and stuck with it.  For example, it creates the friendship that will last throughout during the high school years and through adulthood.  Therefore, it is believable that football can be imperative to a high school student during the four years


When a student is a freshman in high school, being on the football team can help them feel more at ease because they are with others and a part of something.  As a student goes through the tough off season program of lifting and running along with going into each new season in August’s triple session practices, they are most likely become closer with the members of the team.  They will find themselves hanging around with them on weekends and laughing with them in school. They become the student’s best friends. Therefore, it seems as if being on the football team helps student make friends who indicate this sport is very important in high school.  Football also has another effect on people as well because it teaches one how to get up after getting knocked down (sometimes literally), and what commitment really is.  I have played football every year that I have been in high school and I can say that I have not been as committed to anything before as I have to the football program.

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