Sample Essay – Child Sexual Abuse

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A considerable amount of research has been done in the field of women and childhood sexual abuse to find out the reasons, causes, effects and therapies for sexual abuse. Through these studies, it is found that most sexual abusers have been personal victims of sexual abuse in their childhood, and some of them have psychological or emotional disorders. The effects of sexual abuse can be very long-lasting and could affect the behavioral patterns of individuals in the long run.

Though a considerable amount of research has been done regarding male sexual abusers, extensive research has to be done where female abusers are involved to change the perception of society regarding such incidents. People are generally aware of the sexual abuse. Still, they have to be informed on how to prevent sexual abuse and how to identify any individuals and situations that may be a threat to children.

Child Sexual Abuse

Future research in this area should focus on the identification of sexual abusers and the reasons behind their actions. Women who indulge in sexual abuse should not be considered safe to children as they may also leave a long-lasting effect on both boys and girls.

Awareness programs should be launched with a focus on dealing with issues related to sexual abuse and creating awareness of how to prevent and deal with sexual abuse.

Children should be guided on sexual issues, and programs should be implemented in schools and facilitation centers for children to help them identify the difference between affection and sexual abuse. They should be taught how to identify perpetrators and how to inform appropriate adults of any potential dangers concerning physical or nonphysical sexual assault or abuse.

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