Formats are used to refer the work used for academic writing. Chicago format is one of the formats used for academic writing. Chicago format is used in formatting papers of humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Most people use this format when they have particular formatting instructions provided by the professor. Chicago is used a catchall by most of the people for this purpose.  In Chicago style, you can easily provide all the information on the historical event, unlike other formats which only provide the name of the author or year of publication.

  • In-text citation:

The in-text citation is also known as the parenthesis. The parenthesis used in the main text of the paper formatted in a Chicago citation style will include author’s last name, date of the publication and the page number without the comma.

  • Footnotes:

Whenever your professor will ask you to use Chicago style for citations, he or she means footnotes.  Footnotes are indicated in the main material of the paper by a subscript number. The font used for writing in the footnotes is smaller than the normal font of the text. These footnotes are put in the bottom of the paper. For the first time you use a footnote, you will require adding all the details. For every subsequent time, you can add the abbreviated citation in the footnote.

  • Content notes:

The best thing you will find the Chicago format is that you can mention all the details of the source you have used for the paper. In this way, you will be not be accused of plagiarism at all. By using content notes you can easily mention information regarding the source unlike limited source information entry in the APA and MLA formats.

  • Bibliography:

A bibliography is the overview of all the sources used in the paper as references. A bibliography contains the same text as the footnotes. The sources are formatted in the alphabetical order by author’s last name and the second subsequent lines are intended. A bibliography must be mentioned in writing an academic paper formatted in a Chicago format.

These guidelines of Chicago style citation will help you provide your references in clear and systematic style. This can help you write a non-plagiarized and quality academic paper.

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