When carrying out a case study, you are likely to examine problems which you may face in your research. There are ways in which you can analyze these problems in a case study and actually resolve them. This article will help you understand a case study methodology and help you in figuring out any of the problems which may occur in a case study.

  1. When you are produced with a case study, make sure you read the whole thing thoroughly and understand it. You could re-read the whole study as many times as you wish up until you are certain that you have understood the content and matter.
  2. Once you have gone over the whole study, try finding out what the central issues are. A case study will always have many problems with it however you can only work on the one which you consider to be the most important. Once you have decided to work on a particular problem, find out any other aspect which may be related to it; directly or indirectly.
  3. Try and figure out what things are making the problem occur in the first place. When you are carrying out a case study, you need to analyze it in a way that you understand what causes a certain thing to occur and what prevents everything from working properly. When thinking up of a solution to the problem, you would need to keep in mind whether or not a certain constraint will continue to be an issue or not.
  4. Make a list of all the alternatives which are possible. Find out ways in which you can solve the problem which you have identified and then select the best possible alternative to it.
  5. Once you have decided on a solution, make a plan as to how you are going to be carrying out the plan, how it will be implemented. Implementation of a solution is very important and is an aspect which should certainly not be overlooked.

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