The HRM-human resource management is amongst the important departments of a business. Its main activity is to deal with recruiting people to work for the company and only those people who can fulfill the necessary job requirements. It is the responsibility of the HRM to determine what the needs of the company are as far as staff is concerned and it is then that the department either recruits staff or makes them redundant.

The HRM department needs to be certain that the employees are all working up to the standard required of them by the business. There is no point in having workers who are unable to cope with the demands of the firm and are unable to meet the standard required and expected of them. It is quite often that the HRM department needs to train their workers in order to increase their level of performance. Through extra training, a worker is able to increase the amount of work he/she can take up which then increases his/her skills and abilities.

Some of the things which the HRM department is concerned with are:

  • Providing employees with any necessary training
  • Provide them with benefits and compensation at the right time
  • Having a record of all the workers who are present at the firm and their current status
  • A record of all employees and whether or not more are required
  • They should also have a record of the policies being used in the firm

There are many small businesses and non-profit organizations which are unable to have a human resource management department to keep a check on these things. This is because they cannot afford to have a department like this. However they have other ways through which they keep a check on their employees and the policies which are used and carried out in the firm.

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