Criminology refers to the study of crime from social and individual perspectives. It is a field of sociology where scientific material and evidence are used to investigate and prevent crimes in society. Professional criminologists study criminal behavior to be able to detect heinous crimes related to rape, murder, homicide, or serial killings. Criminology is an interesting field to pursue as a career if you love investigations and solve complicated criminal cases. There are a number of disciplines that a bachelor’s degree holder in criminology can pursue. This article will provide some useful guidance to pursue a fruitful career in criminology. Keep reading to find out some interesting career opportunities in criminology.

Parole Officers

The job of a parole officer is to work with prison systems. A parole officer is responsible for monitoring the prisoners released from the prisons. In case of violation of law by a prisoner, parole officers are responsible to alert law enforcement.

The duty of the parole officer also consists of assisting prisoners to find a job and have them treated by psychologists and doctors. The person pursuing a career as a parole officer must be more than 21 years of age and must meet certain physical and psychological criteria.


Teaching in a university or college is one of the career opportunities with a bachelor’s degree in criminology. Most of the people with criminology degrees opt for teaching criminal justice and criminology as the main courses to teach.

Police Officer

You can pursue a career in criminology as a police officer. But having a degree is not sufficient for other important requirements such as standardized tests, physical and psychological aspects must be met before being able to qualify for a career as a police officer.

Private Detective

You can opt to become a private detective after acquiring a degree in criminology. Some states have very strict laws regarding who can become private detectives. In such cases, a degree in criminology can be a real asset to pursue a career as a private detective.

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