British and American Court System Essay

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History of American Laws

In the 13th Century, a new document called Magna Carta was written to protect the interests of English nobility. Instead, the document made it clear that no one, not even the king, was above the law. The Magna Carta was the law of the land in England and became the backbone of much of American law. In the 17th century, American colonists adopted several of the Magna Carta‘s ideas into the New World. Among them were fundamental guarantees of freedom and liberties. The principals of the Magna Carta eventually made their way into the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights (Legacies of the Magna Carta). In 1681, William Penn received his charter to Pennsylvania where he drafted a constitution and set of laws which laid out the colonists’ fundamental rights and set standards for good conduct. Using the Magna Carta as a guideline, Penn declared that the same rights guaranteed to Englishmen, also applied to colonists in the New World (Magna Carta and Its American Legacy) In the 1760s colonists believed that America was a place where they could adopt the best parts of the English system while tailoring laws to their new life. America would be a place where a person rose by merit, not birth; a place where people would be free to speak and share in governing themselves.

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