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English when describing a recent past event. The article is also written in a seemingly chronological order. The author shows no personal connection to the reader and detaches herself completely from the subject she interviews as well. The use of punctuation is the same as in American English. There are also certain minor differences from the American language in the use of terms such as “on the advice” instead of “at the advice” and the use of the term “mobile phone” instead of “cell phone.” The graphics design used is simple, formal and easy to read. There is evidence of the usage of categorical grammar.

The New York Times article was written on 12th June 2009 in New York (Harshaw). It was written in a semi formal manner by author Tobin Harshaw (The New York Times). The author is a weekend writer on the opinionator column in the New York Times. The individual’s language lexicon is satisfactory in the case of the American language. The entire article is written in the past tense as it reflects on recent events. It uses a question and answer format creating a personal connection with the reader in order to incite an emotional response.

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