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During Adams’ lifetime, he not only embraced changes in technology, he shared his vivid imagination with the public. His most popular book, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy blends science fiction, the absurd and his sarcastic sense of humor. The plot begins as the earth is about to be demolished for a galactic freeway. He introduces readers to nutty, zany, yet believable characters, such as Arthur Dent, a researcher who has been pretending to be an out-of-work actor.

Most remember Adams kindly. Upon hearing of Adams’ death, David Roos web producer for TechTV put in a paragraph, what many of Adams’ fans thought of him:

Adams established himself as a uniquely adept and humble mind, able to digest difficult technological processes and deep literary motifs and explain them with trademark frankness and humor. Adams had a passion for technology, and great hopes for its transformative powers, but he was also one of its sharpest critics. His favorite borrowed aphorism was “Technology is our word for stuff that doesn’t work yet.”

Douglas Adams’ works have a strong fan base and approval of reviewers who are delighted with his use of wit, satire, and knowledge of a broad spectrum of subjects, Carl R. Kropf notes that reviewers have little, if anything, to comment on about items that critics usually analyze, such as literary precedent, genre, and general theme. Kropf believes this may stem from Adams’ characters’ seemingly random wanderings from one setting to another.

As with any artist’s work, there will be critics around to find fault in a person’s product, but it is fair to assume that Adams’ legions of fans have the final say in what is valid literature.

In conclusion, Douglas Adams was a man who lived in the times and moved with the times. Though his life was cut short, his contribution to humor and the science fiction genre, as well as his contributions to the world of computer games was one that will live on for other generations to build upon.

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