Most students procrastinate when they are given an essay to write. They promise themselves every day  that the next day they will definitely start working on their essay but the next day passes and the essay remains untouched. This keeps happening until the time that there is no time left and no choice left but to write the essay in a hurry, as a result the essay turns out to be a disappointment.

Are you Sick of your habit of procrastinating and leaving your essay writing for the last moment? Not to worry, read this article and find out how you can avoid procrastination when writing an essay.


Keep deadline in mind

Whenever you are given an essay to write, surely you will also be given a deadline for it. Keep that deadline in mind and work your way towards writing the essay accordingly.


Make a rough calculation in your mind as to how many hours it will take for you to write the essay.


Allot time

According to the calculations, you made. Decide how much time you will give to your essay each day. Make it a point to actually give the allotted time to your essay each day. This way you’ll be able to manage things instead of having to rush in the end.



Remind yourself every day that you have to spend some time working on your essay. Also, tell yourself that you would not do anything fun until you have worked a bit on your essay each day. Be strict to yourself in this regard.



Each day when you are done with a bit of your essay and given it the time you allotted for it each day, reward yourself. Rewarding yourself every time you accomplish your goal will make it easy for you to work for your goal.

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