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The word ‘andropause’, in literal terms   (andros meaning man in Greek+ pauein to cause to cease), is a misnomer. True Andropause is a very atypical condition, with the well-defined uniqueness of anatomical and physiological end of the testicular activity. Through common usage, the thought of ‘andropause’ became an extension of the menopause (Men meaning month in Greek + pauein to cause to cease). However, not only is the term ‘Andropause’ an aberration, it also fails to emulate the clinical situation. The word andropause indicates a condition of lowered androgen levels. Androgens are a collection of hormones that include testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, and androstenedione,  and growth hormones along with others. It is a misnomer to label them as male hormones because they are there in both males and females, although in different quantities. There is indisputable proof that aging results in a lowering of androgen levels.

Andropause is due to Hypogonadism or levels of low testosterone. Andropause, the word, came up first in the literature in 1952 and is defined as the natural cessation of the sexual function in older men. Andropause also indicates a sexual weakening in men over 40 due to a decrease in male hormone levels.

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