Sample Essay on How to Manage Anger

Anger is that sudden feeling of being intensely annoyed over any issue or anyone that brings about sudden biological changes within our body. When we get angry, our heartbeat rises suddenly, and our blood pressure rises, too. Apart from the fact that people who easily become angry are not admired and liked socially, there are many medical threats posed by anger to our physical and mental health as well. An angry person becomes vulnerable, and people can easily play with their emotions. Hence, from a medical and social point of view, it is highly important to apply and practice techniques that can help control and manage anger.

Once an angry person says such things, it can later cause regret for the rest of their life. So, the best way to avoid such mistakes or conditions is to think thoroughly before uttering a word.

To avoid anger, it is important to control your nerves and think about what you are about to say. This critical thinking can assist in taming aggression into calmness. The more we think before speaking, the lesser our chances of indulging in a conflict leading to anger.

Once you become calm, now restructure and reorganize your ideas. Identify in your mind where and why the problem occurred. Once the cause of the issue is identified, address it to the concerned person politely in a rational way.

State all your feelings, concerns, and issues, but use a mild tone so that it does not hurt other’s feelings. Saying about concerns in a harsh way can lengthen a dispute or a conflict. Adopting a mild tone while talking is highly important because 99% of the effectiveness of your speech is hidden in the way you speak and not in the words you choose.

Physical activities help relieve stress, divert the mind’s attention, and manage anger. Daily exercise keeps you fit and improves your mood; hence, there are fewer chances of feeling fatigued enough to get angry easily. Instead of focusing and emphasizing the points that made you angry, try to look for their solution.

Thinking logically about the solution can effectively help reduce anger. Try to compromise in life instead of making things more complex and difficult. Anger is harmful to health, and it must be avoided and controlled. If not properly addressed, it can adversely affect our social status and relationships, too. Hence, control your anger and be happy!

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