What is a supernova?

Supernovas is the stellar explosions that outshine entire galaxies for a few moments while radiating an unbelievable amount of energy: that expected by any star, such as the Sun, to emit throughout its life before fading to black over varying periods. The incredibly bright radiation explosion throws most or all of the star’s mass at velocities up to a tenth of the speed of light, sending shockwaves into interstellar space that sweep up expanding shells of dust and gas (supernova remnant). Supernova is a very strong source of gravitational waves between galaxies and is also a source of many cosmic rays. Read the custom essay writing provided by Essay Demon further to learn more about the topic.

How can a it get triggered?

There are two ways by which Supernovae may be triggered. The first is by fusion reignition in a degenerate star, and the second is by the collapsing of massive star cores due to gravity.

For the ignition of nuclear fusion, a possibility is that of a white dwarf taking up enough material from a similar degenerate star to raise the temperature of its core, unleashing nuclear fusion unstoppable.

For the second case, that of the cores of massive stars collapsing in on themselves, the sheer mass of the cores can cause gravitational collapse, thereby releasing their gravitational potential and resulting in an exploding supernova.

The most recent sighting of a supernova in our galaxy, the Milky Way, was that of Kepler’s Star in 1604, with the remains of two more recent ones being discovered afterward. According to observations of other galaxies, supernovae can be expected to occur thrice every century in the Milky Way. Supernovae have an important role in giving interstellar medium copious amounts of higher mass elements, with the resulting shock waves helping form new stars.

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