Nation States

A nation-state can be described as one that geographically coincides ethnically and is compatible. This distinguishes the national state from other types of state that may have preceded it. Many revolutionary ideologies contributed to the Russian ideological revolution. Most of these revolutionary beliefs were generated by academics, and the peasants and the working class did not understand these revolutionary ideas and beliefs. This is basically how societies and countries developed. In most cases, the change was brought about by economic deprivation, which leads to upheavals and change. The history of mankind is filled with economic disagreement of ideas and principles. Revolutionary ideas and beliefs originated because of a large working class, whose lives were controlled by industrialists, and the peasants whose existence depended on the landowners who owned the land that they tilled. Populism had popular support in England, wherein it was believed that the path to prosperity lay in the labor of peasants and the working class.

19th century

The 19th century in Europe was an era that remains central to our contemporary history. The basic realities that constitute our contemporary world developed gradually in this century, with a lot of crucial efforts. These ideologies have been passed down to us due to events in 19th century Europe. Amongst that reality that has shaped today’s world, predominant would be the world-class capitalist system, wars, and revolutions, economic, social, and political upheavals. Only two theories have successfully survived, Marxism and the theory of class struggle, and nationalism and amalgamation of classes into the capitalist system. Both ideologies concentrate on the ground realities, to the extent of nation-states going to war with each other. These inspired actions by the main characters that are the subject of history books are very conscious of this fact. The dominant position of the capitalist class, although they constitute a central level of a global organization, yet all units are independently enjoying a tremendous amount of autonomy with its central partners.

Predecessors are the role models of their descendants. Because of the existence of English and French, the Italians and Germans thereby strive to create their own state. The leaders of nations mobilize forces that will give impetus to their desired direction. A common language is usually one factor for the constitution of nation-states. This is a very modern development, as previously local languages of peasants coexisted along with the official language and the official language of religion. Education and political systems turn into an instrument that defines a nation, its borders, and its culture.

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