IQ Tests Are Not An Accurate Measure Of A Person’s Intelligence

It is practically not possible to measure or assess a person’s intelligence. The IQ tests of a person depends on several variables, such as the socio-economic status of the parents and their own education and intelligence, environment, state of health and several other variables If the person taking or participating in the IQ test suffers from any ailment, mental or physical then he/she would probably score poorly in the test. This does not mean that the person is less intelligent than the person achieving the highest score.   Or a person may do exceptionally well in the test, but this would not really indicate that the person is super intelligent. (more…)

Interrelationship between language and ethnic identity

Primordial view regards ethnicity is composed of a basic aspect of society that ethnic identity is natural and unalienable. That means, the ethnicity of a group is defined by its ‘cultural and biological heritage and is usually according to territorial boundaries.  It is basically based on the group’s prehistoric ties and bounded by the ancestors’ values, myths, languages, etc. On the other hand, instrumentalists argue that the primordial approach emphasizes too much on the objective nature of ethnicity, which stresses that ethnicity is ‘given’ and born with once a person comes into this world. To earn the highest score in your term papers and essay you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. (more…)

Wordsworth theory of poetic diction

What kind of language is appropriate for poetry?

Poetic diction is usually defined as the words and phrases that have established themselves as appropriate to poetry because they are not used in normal day communication. Aristotle, Horace, Dante, Sidney, Dryden, and Johnson had all advocated to a certain degree that a serious poet should use lofty/high-style language. They briefly discussed that the language of literature, poetry or drama should differ from the language used in the real world. Wordsworth opposes this view and, in doing so, makes an ‘Objective’ analysis of the language of poetry. (more…)

Essay: A Temporary Matter by Jhumpa Lahiri

Sample Essay – Temporary Matter by Jhumpa Lahiri

‘A temporary matter’ by Jhumpa Lahiri talks about a married couple that lost a child who was still born. Since that death, their marriage has deteriorated. There is a coldness and distance between the two. When the electric company decides to cut power in order to repair a faulty line, the couple gets a chance to open up and discuss things they had never shared with each other before. However, the husband, Shukumar realizes that while his wife brought up the idea of sharing secrets, and despite the fact that this had brought them closer for a time, she was still planning for her life alone.


Essay: George Orwell Novels

Sample Essay – George Orwell 

George Orwell is well known for the satire that is rampantly present in his literary works, by taking up grave and serious issues, such as war and death and destruction and presenting them in a manner that may border on sarcasm and black humour; 1984 is one of those novels.