The purpose of writing compare and contrast essays is to compare the differences and similarities between two objects, personalities or things. Compare and contrast essay form is one of the most common types of essay writing throughout the academic education. Whether you are a high school student, college or a doctoral-level student knowing how to write compare and contrast essays is always vital for academic growth and to be able to meet stiffer academic challenges ahead. This article is a basic guide to write a compare and contrast essay. Keep reading to learn to write compare and contrast essays.

Make a List

Make a list of two different objects or personalities that you want to compare. Write down their similarities and differences. These can be positive as well as negative. A list can help you later to include what is important to compare and contrast between the two objects.

The Introductory Paragraph

Begin your essay strongly with a catchy sentence as to engage the readers to read the entire essay. This part of the essay will set the tone for the entire essay so make sure to properly provide brief background information on the topic along with stating key points that you intend to elaborate later in the essay. Provide a thesis statement which serves as the purpose of your compare and contrast essay.

The Main Body

With the list of similarities and differences of an object begin to write the main body. Provide relevant arguments supporting the differences or similarities. If your essay is a typical five-paragraph essay then you will need to have three body paragraphs where you can divide the compare and contrast part proportionately.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of a compare and contrast essay is quite similar to the introduction as you need to summarize what you have just written. You can also include those points that you did not while writing the introduction.

One of the amazing features of compare and a contrast essay is the Venn diagram which is a graphical representation of two different things with differences and similarities. It helps readers identify the similarities and differences of an object in a more logical way.

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