Understanding Induction Program and its Benefits

An induction program for employees means providing basic information about the background of the company, the information they need to perform their activities satisfactorily. It may be defined as an orientation program for newly hired employees. This information includes issues such as payroll, obtaining identification cards, the working hours, and who will work with the new employee.

People who follow the induction program learn their functions more rapidly. In general, we can say that an induction program achieves its objective because it can accelerate the socialization of new employees and makes positive contributions to the organization. Induction is actually a component of the socialization process of the new employee with the company. Socialization is the process by which an employee begins to understand and accept the prevailing attitudes, values, norms, standards, and behavior patterns that are postulated in the organization and its departments. Conducting induction programs are often the responsibility of the HR department and these include:

  • FORMAL: Are those relevant to most or all employees of general interest and specific interest directed in particular to workers in certain jobs or departments.
  • INFORMAL: It can be a group of initiation or a person’s own department assigned for this task. It is he who made the presentations of those directly related to the position and presentation of coworkers. By participating area supervisor and a representative of the HR department efficiency in the induction program is reached.


The formal induction programs are often the responsibility of, generally, the personnel department and the supervisor. This dual or multiple targets focus is common because the topics covered will include two broad categories:

The relevant general interest to all or nearly all employees, and those of specific interest directed in particular to workers in certain jobs or departments. These include “Issues of the global organization” and “Personal Services” target virtually to all employees. These two aspects are often supplemented by an employee handbook, in which company policies, standards, benefits, and other related topics are discussed. More complex programs may include induction or an audiovisual film about the history of the company, as well as a videotaped message of the directors, who may welcome the newcomers, it is common, however, that the bulk of the information comes from the representative of the personnel department in charge have run the course.


One of the main benefits is that it reduces the level of anxiety of the new employee. By reducing anxiety, it is more likely to carry out the new responsibilities well, feeling better placed, the employee will require less attention from the supervisor.

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