Types of Coursework Programs

Types of Coursework Programs

A coursework may require speeches, presentations, written papers, projects, practical demonstration of the material studied in the class or in some instances a combination of all these things. Coursework is the general participation of a high school student in various academic activities. Coursework may be necessary for students to meet certain specific requirements of a particular field of study. Apart from examinations and other academic evaluations coursework is an important mean through which overall performance of students are evaluated in standard, adult or continuing education.

Different Types of Coursework

  • Direct Coursework

Direct coursework is done according to a particular set of instructions in an assignment. It involves solutions to various questions or a detailed research work.

  • Elective Coursework

Elective coursework requires hands-on experience in an elective field of study, research, and experimentation related to the main subject matter. It helps enrich students’ comprehensive skills in a particular field.

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