What is English Literature?

Whenever you are asked questions about English Literature the first names come in your mind are the great authors of the past such as Charles Dickens, The Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling and of course the most famous and well renowned to date Williams Shakespeare. The pieces of English Literature help the modern world understand the existing cultural norms and traditions of the 18th century and ever before that. One of the modern historians and English literature writer is William Dalrymple the author of The Last Mughal and The Fall of Dynasty. Literature can help us understand ourselves as well as others. In a certain piece of literary work, you will come up with different and unique characters all possessing different dispositions. You may be able to relate to some character, one way or the other. Pursuing a career in English Literature can be an interesting one as you come across several classical books written with utmost beauty. You may never opt to read a science fiction over and over again but a classic is something that every time you read you will love it. The following is certain tips on writing an English Literature Thesis Paper.

Narrow Down Your Topic
Writing English Literature thesis is very different from other papers so make sure that you narrow down your topic. For example, instead of searching Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, it should be Heathcliff’s early childhood in Wuthering Heights. Try to be specific and as narrow as you can be.

Begin Researching
After you are done with selecting a topic your next step will be to start making research. List down the number of sources and start collecting material. Try to use keywords that are related to the title. For example, you are working on Wuthering Heights you can use the characters name and the names of two different houses.

The last step is to compile your thesis by listing the sources you used and categorizing them according to relevancy and date. Do not use sources that are more than 10 years old but in case you have to than try to keep them as minimum as possible.

Follow these major steps than you come to the mainstream of writing your main thesis. Make it interesting, precise and clear to read for your reader.

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