Most of the students will certainly say no when they come across the above heading for the article and this is exactly what creates a lot of fuss when it comes to writing academic papers. Many students hate writing academic papers and leave it for the last moment. They spend their time partying, dating and other leisure activities completely neglecting the much-required task at hand. It also creates real havoc later when the submission deadline comes nearer. Some feel really guilty because stakes are so high in terms of grade which they need to improve with academic paper submission. The purpose of this article is exactly to provide some needed guidance on how to overcome procrastination when it comes to writing academic papers. Read some useful tips below.

Start Immediately

The best way to cope with academic paper writing procrastination is to start immediately. Stop thinking that the submission deadline is way too far and you have plenty of time to work on the academic paper. Will you think similarly if for instance, the submission deadline is only two days ahead? Of course not! You will be running everywhere to find the best way to complete your assignment well on time as to avoid rejection. Put yourself in that situation and think as if you do not have sufficient time and start working immediately.

Divide it into Small Portions

Looking at the whole thing at the first glance will certainly overwhelm you. Therefore, the best way to tackle this problem is to divide the whole academic paper into small achievable tasks. Start with the most difficult and time-consuming task and leave the least difficult for other time. Make an appropriate schedule as to how much time you will be requiring to accomplish each task. This way you will remain well organized and put yourself in the best position to meet the target on time.

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