Term Paper  – Global Warming

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Abstract: Carbon dioxide is amongst the major causes of global warming. It traps heat from the sun causing temperatures to rise. The earth is heating up continuously.

It has been since 1896 that scientists have been worried about what would happen to the Earth’s atmosphere if there was 5.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide present in it. In the year 1961, a scientist from Britain conducted an experiment to show that the carbon dioxide which was present in the atmosphere of the earth was absorbing the radiation generated from the sun.

After some time, a scientist from Sweden, Suate Arrhenius discovered that if the carbon dioxide was absorbing the radiation from the sun, the temperature on earth would increase by around 1 or 2 degrees. It was in 1988 however that the term greenhouse effect was first made use of when James Hanson a well known and respected scientist told the United States Congress that the greenhouse effect is taking place and it is causing the climate to change (Koral).

Global Warming

It was during the 1900’s that factories developed and people began consuming coal, aluminum, oil and other fossil fuels to conduct production in factories. It was due to the industrial revolution and the overcrowding of people which has caused the environmental problems we are facing today.

The purpose behind the Earth heating up is due to activities which humans conduct. These cause carbon dioxide t o get emitted into the air. It then absorbs the radiation which then surrounds the Earth. One of the major reasons for the issue of global warming is fossil fuels. These are burnt to a great extent particularly aluminum, oil, coal and other natural gases. These are burnt in order to run factors, vehicles, power plans, air conditioning etc. The number of people…

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