The telecommunications act of 1996: Essay

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Abstract: the Telecommunications Act led to various changes in the industry and has encouraged new companies to develop and for competition to take place between them.

The telecommunication act which was brought about in 1996 can be seen as being very different from the communication laws which were passed in the last 62 years. The main purpose behind this Act was to enable various communication firms to enter into the telecommunication market and to compete with other companies on fair and just grounds (The Telecommunications Act 1996, The Federal Communications Commission). This Act is so powerful that it has the ability to be able to change people’s lives drastically in many different ways. For one, it has definitely affected the local as well as long-distance telephone services, various video services have come into existence along with cable programming. There are many broadcasting services also which are provided to schools. This Act has been very much endorsed by the Federal Communications Commission and it too has worked hard toward enforcing and implementing the clauses which have been listed in the Act itself. The reason behind bringing out this Act was to promote and increase the amount of existing competition and to lower the regulation in order for prices to be lower and for the service provided to be higher. This would, in turn, secure the people of America with proper communication services.

The main and most important part is how the telecommunication industry was deregulated and this is something which has been mentioned in this Act (Implementation of the Telecommunications Act, NTLA). This shows a new type of thinking which makes us believe that the service providers of telecommunication are no longer limited by old and artificial regulatory practices. Instead, it is and should be allowed to compete with the other companies in the strong and highly competitive market which contains many companies. The Act is also…

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