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The media makes use of the television, billboards, the internet, magazines and various other sources of advertisements to influence our lives. All of these sources make use of images and visual concepts to convey values and beliefs to people. It is particularly sexual aspects which are portrayed via these sources and it is the woman who is used to convey these beliefs and values to the general audience.

In order to get the attention of the consumers, producers today make use of the sexual appeal which women have and this certainly does work. Despite being a successful way of marketing, it portrays women in the worst way possible. Not only do the sexual images of women work on consumers to buy a certain product; particularly male consumers, they tend to get an image in their mind of how women should be. This makes women susceptible to the desires which men have.

The society in which we live is male-dominated. Women are quite easily dragged into the expectations which society has of them and they are expected to act in a certain way. The above is an excerpt from an essay written by our writers. If you wish to purchase this essay or an essay written on another topic, place an order now. Our writers have written a variety of essays on different topics and are 100% original. So place an order with us today and benefit from our writing services.

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