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Often a result of searching for quality talent with specific skills encourages organizations to recruit overseas employees. Once, the firm has identified a suitable candidate, it is then imperative to arrange for necessary documents, for instance, a work permit. It is illegal for the organization to employ a worker without work permission in the UK with hefty penalties. They are likely to be subjected to high fines with the risk of imprisonment.

Labor Migration

Labor migration can be referred to as the process of people coming to the UK in search of paid work. Measuring labor migration may vary depending on the sources of data, people who come to search for a job or for a definite job (International Passenger Survey Data i.e. IPS) are included or they may include workers with the permission to enter the UK based on their work-related visa (administrative data on visas and passenger entries). The data included in IPS and administrative may also differ in relation to the definition of a migrant. IPS includes people with the intention to stay in the UK for a minimum of one year; however, visa and passenger entry data does not include the period of stay. This is particularly for the migrants that are not in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. And, also, these are the people who are subjected to immigration controls.

The UK has established a governing party that will be responsible for reducing net migration by a significant proportion. For the first time, the UK government has developed an explicit policy with the aim of reducing net migration. However, the possibility is that this objective will probably not be met until the end of this parliament.

Although there has been a 30% decline in the non-EU net migration ever since the current government came to power, there has been a significant increase in EU migration that is equal to the non-EU migration. The outflow of non-EU migrants has remained substantially low. This is a result of various students living in the UK legally or illegally. Nonetheless, some of these migrants have benefited the UK considerably by filling skill gaps and building successful businesses that have eventually contributed to economic growth. There are many such policies that are important for both employees and organizations to be informed about.

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