Research on Euthanasia

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I have decided to write on Euthanasia as it is a topic which I do not have much information on. I wish to learn about the pros and cons of euthanasia and how people make up their minds as to which side to support and how people on each side of the argument think. This paper focuses on the 2 sides of the euthanasia argument, the people who are advocates of each side and the various euthanasia types which exist.

Euthanasia is a subject which often leads to heated debate and people are required to draw lines on the basis of social, political and religious groups. Most people do not appreciate the existence of this controversial issue in society and hence would like it erased from the discipline of medicine. Others, however, are of the opinion that people should have the ability to select their destiny when they are faced with an extreme situation. No one has yet been able to come up with a suitable solution to this issue; at least not without stirring up the opposition. The possibility of this war to end any time soon is not something people are hopeful of.

Mercy killing is another definition of euthanasia; a painless killing which takes place in order to bring an incurable and painful disease to an end (World Book).

This termination of one’s life is carried out due to the request of the person dying. Many religions, political and social terms, however, have given euthanasia new and various meanings. By letting nature take its course and to let a person die naturally by removing any type of support system is known as passive euthanasia. An example of this includes the removal of a life support system, stopping certain medical procedures, restricting water and food to a person, not carrying out CPR and maybe even letting the heart of a patient stop. The greatest…

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