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The Kurdish people are a people who have been conquered, oppressed and murdered since the first mention of the Kurds in 226 B.C. While the United States has not been in the business of conquering the Kurds, as most powerful nations have been throughout history, United States policy, or lack thereof, concerning the Kurds in Northern Iraq, has been a series of denials, promises, and broken promises. Policies, where the Kurds are concerned, have been a bipartisan debacle, which began at least in 1972 with a report that alleged Iraqi atrocities against the Kurds. Since that time, Presidents, including Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton have completely ignored the Kurdish plight or recognized it, but done nothing, or promised to help only to turn away.

To understand the relationship between the Kurds of Northern Iraq and the United States, a brief history will precede a chronological description, from 1972 to the present, of the United State policy on the Kurds, including mention of the possibility of a Kurdish state.

While exact numbers are not available, the Kurds are the largest ethnic minority in the world, who have no country to call their own. No one knows exactly where the Kurds came from;

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