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Zhu Yuanzhang, (Hongwu Emperor of Chinese or Hong-wu) the founder of the reign, laid the basics for a state little concerns in commerce and more interest in remove interests from the agricultural sector. Therefore due to the Emperor’s background as a peasant, the Ming economic system highlight agriculture. During his period, With agriculture came raised population, the capability to store and reallocate crops, and to support experts craftsmen and supervisors: Agricultural progresses almost 3 times cropping of rice and the introduction of new species of crop discovered in the New World (specifically of corn) let the people of Chinese to increase their production of crops almost double i.e. between 180 million in 1700 century to 400 million in 1800 century. From the 14th to the 26th year of the Hongwu Reign, Chinese’s total farmland increased to almost doubled, from 24.5 million hectares to 57 million, and the population rose by 700,000. Fiscal grain profits were double those of the Yuan Dynasty. According to historical records, emigration was shortly followed by great wealth, and about a dozen after a year, the Ming Dynasty reached its zenith.

According to stats in 1949, Chinese’s grain output was 113.18 million tons, and that of cotton 444,000 tons; the agricultural foundation was fragile. During 1950 and 1953, the Chinese government conceded out a extensive land reformation in the rural areas. Peasants with small or no land were given land of their own, greatly affecting their interest for production. During the period of the initial Five-Year Plan (starting from 1953-57), the yearly gross output of agriculture raised by 4.5 %, each period. This period is considered to be the  first golden time for Chinese’s agricultural development.

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