Napoleon and Consolidation of the State after the Revolution

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Napoleon Bonaparte was the greatest general of his time, but he was not just a great warrior, there are many facets to his personality. He was also a statesman who wanted to make France a modern and contemporary state, a person dedicated to making the Bonapartes the most important family in Europe, and a leader whose authority was to shape the history of Europe at the beginning of its most significant century.

Napoleon was one of the supreme military leaders in history. Even though, Napoleon denied being an ambitious conqueror, he has also been described as a power-hungry conqueror. He contended that he was building a confederation of liberated people in Europe integrated under a moderate government. However, if this was his objective, then his strategy was very different from his intentions, he planned to achieve his goals by taking control in his own hands. Despite his strategy wherever he made a statement, he established constitutions, set up law codes, eliminated feudalism, formed well-organized governments, and promoted learning, science, literature, and the arts.

There was not single Revolution, but in reality, a series of upheavals, which occurred over time, as the French, struggled to create a new political and social system. Emperor was a pupil of the philosophies; he detested feudalism, civil inequality, and religious intolerance.  Seeing in enlightened despotism a reconciliation of authority with political and social reform, he became its last and most illustrious representative.  In this sense, he was the man of the Revolution.

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