Wars have been fought all through history and we know about their causes and results. Large-scale national wars between countries or nations are often fought now. Now a much stronger country like the US attacks a weaker country like Iraq.

In modern war, the use of the most destructive weapons is not needed. These weapons are nuclear bomb, ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads, and chemical weapons, which kill thousands and make millions invalid and useless for living. These weapons also cause mass destruction that rich and developed countries possess. If these weapons are used repeatedly, nothing will be left for the winner or conqueror. So the effects of a modern war still limited to the effects of the conventional or traditional methods that are still used. However, these conventional weapons are the improved ones, much stronger, and much more destructive than their older versions. For instance, the big bomb of yesterday has developed into cluster bomb. The old planes are now supersonic with much greater firing, bombing, and killing capability. The riffles of older times are now Kalashnikovs or even more modern assault rifles that are hundreds of times more destructive. The modern wars also have witnessed the use of Drones, which are controlled remotely.

The aim of the powerful attacking country is to occupy the attacked country or to control its natural resources. So, it does not try to destroy its communication system or network, its buildings, and production centres like factories.  The attack and war, then, become limited and controlled. However, within the conquered country, the limited war against those who oppose and use force against the conquerors continues.

The effects of modern wars and fighting can be seen in most of the part of the world. Palestine and Iraq most prominently. Most of the wars being fought presently are due to some economic means; the natural resources are the main cause behind the present wars. The fear of ending natural resources, forces most of the countries to invade those countries which are rich in natural resources.

The modern wars can be highly destructive, but the greed to attain natural resources has some how limited these wars. The main target of the attacking party is to bring down the government and to get in the power of the country being attacked. This way the attacking state can get their hands on the natural resources of the conquered country.