The ties or friendships that a person makes during the course of his/her life and which endure till the person grows old are connections that the person feels comfortable with. When the person is mature or in other words has grown older the comfort that they derive from existing social connections is not the same in a cultural group that a person feels that he/she does not belong to. Regarding decision making a person makes emotional decisions when he/she is young and although the decision seems appropriate and the best decision(s) at that time might prove to be harmful or even disastrous later on.  To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Some decisions might affect a person’s life like career or marriage choices. Decisions made in haste and made without considering long-term effects are usually (not necessarily) bad decisions but things might not turn out as expected. Like a career that did not have the growth potential that the person expected or a marriage that ends in divorce or a person is not happy with the marriage and regrets making the decision at that particular time or moment and feels that he/she should have waited or sought advice before making that particular decision or decisions.

Such decisions are usually irreversible because a person might be stuck in a rut and cannot think of taking up a new career because of family responsibilities or cannot divorce because that might be bad for the children. Bad decisions do not generate respect for oneself or for others and a time comes when people despise identical people because they too are failures in life and are reflective of their own lives. If I could do my life over, I would probably get a better education for a better career and think long and hard before marrying because marriage should be permanent and satisfactory and should never end in divorce. As is said the marriage vows “Until death do us part”

These are natural reactions to something that the person is absolute to prevent or even delay for a few more days/weeks/months/years. The above are coping mechanisms that the person has to move through to manage changes. These changes can exist together and can even move back and forth in stages. The denial process gives the person the time to absorb the inevitable change and people do not accept that it is happening to them. When the person realizes that this is happening his/her reactions turn to anger mostly because no amount of tears, money or influence can help.

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