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In this article the lifespan development theory is applied, this is evident because the transition from adolescence to young adulthood is studied in terms of the impact on the leisure activates of the young adults. One way of using the idea of changes in a person’s life and his or her development is through dividing the lifespan into various stages and that people pass through a variety of stages. Individuals are seen as making logical development in a particular order through a succession of phases. Gradually they move nearer to some type of adult status. This progress can be seen as concerning alteration in academic and physical powers and the influence of life events and experiences. And this study also discusses this transition and the events that lead from one stage of life to another. The authors cite Eriksson and Greene et al. who have divided the lifespan into different stages.

The paper discusses the transition from adolescence to early adulthood and discusses the change in the need for an intimate relationship which is an important result of the transition. The paper also discusses in detail the four transition events that catapult an adolescent into early adulthood and participation in leisure during the adolescence phase, in fact, has a positive impact on the outcomes as a young adult. Raymore et al. (2001) state citing previous results that the lack of leisure activity can, in fact, have limited choices in terms of their future as young adults or adults.

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