The lives of people usually follow the same pattern that his father or grandfather followed before him. When they meet someone they know or are familiar with, they greet the person albeit in a different manner for close friends and relatives than for just acquaintances. Young children go to school and interact with their classmates and friends and especially with teachers. They learn about a whole new world and come to face with a whole new authoritative figure.  Upon entering and going through school, children learn to be independent, depending upon situations and the attitude of their families especially parents who sometimes tend to be over protective or even abusive which shapes the lives, attitudes, and manners of children in later life.

The early family life of a child, his/her attitudes is what make him into a winner or loser. Important issues like respect for teachers, how to get along with others and many other things are shaped by the environment within the home. It also shaped how dependent or independent they turn out to be. Children who are confident because they are trusted with responsibilities by their parents usually grow up to be leaders, while those who ask their parents or are dependent upon their parents emotionally usually turn into the sort of people that are always attracted by leaders and follow them without question.

A child’s environment also depicts the manner in which he/she regards and gets along with people of different cultures, religions, and backgrounds. The person also learns to get along socially and becomes a part of some community. It is not possible for man to live in complete seclusion. Even schools and colleges have adopted content integration which has gone on to make powerful an environment that takes into account the competence of the student irrespective of his/her ethnicity or cultural genesis. Content integration is a major aspect in multicultural education and this envisage adopting ideas and material from diversified culture for describing any idea.

This makes the multicultural comfortable and relate with each other in a positive manner. It enables the teens to understand why a person has certain differences in the manner that he/lives, worships or the way that the person eats or cooks food. With the implementation a common education syllabus, every teen has the same opportunity to get an education and reach t the top by sheet dint of hard work and perseverance. These teens are given the same opportunities and advantages that other teens have due to government programs that promote education and health. Discrimination and prejudices are a thing of the past.

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