Many teachers believe that educational technology is essential for students in the learning process. Chalk and the blackboard are now considered relics of the past and computer systems are now being used for teaching at the high school level everywhere.   Laptops were basically invented because there was a need for easier and greater access to computers. A laptop provides multiple learning outcomes for students and is available for daily classroom content. Laptops create a stimulating environment which highlights the reality of the digital world for students. Due to the changing times, technology is evident everywhere.

Now instead of the traditional writing down notes in copies and notebooks, Laptops are now used to take notes on Microsoft. Now instead of the teachers instructing students to take out and open your notebooks, they say “open your laptops. Taking notes on laptops is easier and definitely more organized. Previously students had to lug around textbooks and notebooks which were bulky and quite heavy. At any given time students would be carrying around 50 pounds weight, which is now reduced to 5 pounds, which is the average weight of a laptop. It is easier for teachers to work together in the various school buildings, and they can now video conference or send messages with Skype. The laptop and the Internet have saved a lot of physical moving around.

Laptops for High School Students

Students are also making Internet connections, for conducting authentic research in the classroom and conducting bona fide research and exchanging information with assistants and professors. For math’s the students work on a sketch pad, which is a program where different shapes and things can be designed and students learn about medians and centroids.

Now students use Google Docs to share information and in a science class, they could be using Wiki Space to record the results from their experiments. Gone are the days when photocopies were required for sharing anything with anyone plus retaining the information for personal use. Now file sharing is done in a matter of seconds, with a copy of the file transferred plus retained with the person sharing the information

Laptops have multiple advantages such as flexibility and mobility which increases access time, and they give you the option of being wireless. Students get instant access to information and can be updated with the latest research and studies. Students can manage their time more efficiently because laptops can be used away from classroom settings.

A laptop gives students access to many online resources such as search engines, encyclopedias, thesauruses and discussion groups.  Students can avail online education irrespective of distances and can communicate and research at many levels from wherever they might be.

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