Judaism is an Abrahamic religion, a faith which distinguishes Abraham as a Patriarch. Others include Christianity and Islam. Although Jews are only about 0.2% of the human race, Jewish dominance in the world has been vast — far more than their numbers would indicate.

According to Judaism that there is only one God who is the creator of the whole world, and with this God, every Jew can have a private and direct association. In addition, God’s work has not finished with the creation but his work continues, touching everything that occurs in the world. This relationship is based on a give-and-take basis—in exchange for the many good things that God has done for the Jewish People:

  • The Jews follow God’s commands
  • The Jews try to create sacredness in everything they do.

There is a belief among the Jews that they are the chosen people, who have to create a role model in religiosity and moral behavior which is an example for the whole world. The Jewish way of life is not a life in isolation but the community is a very important and integral part of the Jewish community. Whatever a Jewish person does become an act of veneration. This is because of the bargain that the Jews have made with God and as part of their bargain they perform the various acts, and it is done in both action and spirit.

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