The entire world needs to join together to fight terrorism. All the countries that are currently affected by terrorism ought to join together to fight this menace that countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Emirates have funded to create. The major purpose of Saudi Arabia was to implement their version of Islam by any means. They initially funded Al-Qaeda when it supported the rebellion against the government in Syria to establish their influence in that country and to negate the influence of Iran and Russia. The war in Syria and Iraq gave rise to ISIS which now threatens to take over the Middle East and other Muslim countries in the region.  

The spread of radical Islam was so important to the Saudis and other Arabs that they ignored the fact that any armed ideological group will eventually find other financial resources and will not need their sponsorship any longer. Now that the very people threaten the Arab countries that they financed, they speak about grand coalitions to combat terrorism. What goes around comes around. Their proxy wars and the shedding of the blood of millions of innocents in wars financed by them has eventually found its way to their homes which they never thought would happen because they were spreading largess to terror groups.

Combat Terrorism

All the countries affected by terrorism need to become proactive and unanimous about combating extremism and terrorism.  If it does not, then the genocides in Syria and Iraq and the massacres in Paris, Lebanon, Pakistan and Mali will, unfortunately spread to the West and engulf the entire world. Of course, being proactive and unanimous is not easy because each country will put its interests before the overall good. It is important to identify what steps can the world take to deal with the threat posed by extremists.

The most action required is for military action by an alliance of all countries involved to degrade and destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Aerial bombing is insufficient because members of ISIS can disperse among the population and either wait it out to regroup or engage in guerrilla warfare.

Countries like the US, France, Russia, China, the UK and Germany lead the alliance forces to send ground forces fight  ISIS. These countries will receive support from Muslim and regional forces like Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Malaysia. These countries not only have the advantage of being Muslims which offers greater political legitimacy but also have significant capabilities in fighting insurgencies and terrorist organizations. Pakistan, in particular, has led an extremely successful campaign against the Taliban in the mountainous region of Waziristan since the mid of 2014.