All bands and groups that are currently popular, achieve their popularity because of their appeal for multicultural teens. Multiculturalism or ‘Ethnicity’ is a commonly used word for people who adhere to different cultural norms in which they are expected to and usually function. This envisages an assortment of religions, languages, customs, traditions, and values through which people perceives and finds the meaning of the environment that they live in and work in.

I have observed that this diversity is common among teens of different races and cultures. These teens are the children or grandchildren of immigrants who flocked to Western Shores in the 50’s and 60’s for better working and living conditions here.

Teens are at their stage in life when they easily take on other cultures’ language (s), habits and traditions. Since most teens are very conscious of being ‘in’ fashions, this is one thing that they have in common with other teens irrespective of race or religion or social status. The other binding factor is music.

All bands and groups that are currently popular, achieve their popularity because of their appeal for multicultural teens. Another very common factor among teens is that they speak a language that has words, phrases, and expression from many languages and cultures. What I feel is now evident that this form of speech is a new dialect rather than just a simple form of speech.


This form of hybrid speech is not confined to one town or city or even to one country, but is spoken throughout the world. The use of modern technologies such as cell phones and the Internet is the same as virtually living in the same neighborhood because of which fads, fashions and mode of speech become universal. The factor most responsible for Ethnicity is immigration.

This has transformed all Western and other Societies in a manner which has assimilated all cultures into a melting pot of what is now considered multiculturalism. When immigrants started to pour into western society, they were mostly not educated in the western sense, and lived in communities with people from their countries or ethnic backgrounds.

This is no longer as the children of the immigrants are now citizens of their respective countries, and have the same rights to education and other rights as were privileges accorded to whites only. Today’s teenager is now considered a citizen of his/her country without prejudice against the color of his skin, traditions, religions and other dissimilarities.

The teens are now well educated with advanced degrees and have obtained jobs according to their qualifications and capabilities, they do not live in segregated communities and cannot be considered disadvantaged whatsoever