Creative writing consists of numerous types of genres such as fiction writing and non-fiction writing. Technical writing, academic writing, and journalism are different genres and are not considered as creative writing. Creative writing consists more of imagining vivid characters, plot, and theme and merging them all together into one whole piece. When writing fiction books creative writing can comprise of dramas and plays where the writer attempts to play around with different characters with each character having a predefined role. Creative writing is different from academic and technical writing as it can solely be done for fun and passion. In some instances, people do creative writing to make money such as writing plays and characters for a TV program. This article provides some more interesting facts about creative writing ahead. Please read below to learn more about creative writing.

  • Goal of Creative Writing

The goal of creative writing is not to educate, inform or provide lengthy arguments on a particular subject matter but to be able to connect with the emotions and intellect of the audience in general. A good creative writer is able to evoke imagination and connect with the feelings of the readers.

  • Types of Creative Writing

Most of the creative writing work consists of fiction as well as non-fiction pieces. Fiction work consists of imaginary characters, plot, and the whole story whereas non-fiction work is usually based on some real-life incident.

  • Famous Creative Writers

Some of the popular aspects of creative writing are a mystery, suspense, travel, rural life, and romance. Some of the famous creative writers include Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, Michael Crichton, and Sydney Sheldon.

Creative writing can be pursued as means of earning living as well. However, one must be extremely talented with the characteristics of a good creative writer to make a decent living.

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