The human resource department of any firm is seen as the department which represents the types of employees a firm has employed. The HRM department is the one which helps employees achieve their goals. These goals ultimately benefit the firm on the whole.

The human resource development department focuses on providing employees with long-term goals which they work to achieve, it helps them working toward progressing in their careers as part of that particular organization and most importantly, this department is responsible for adding value to an organization. This is done by employing a high standard of employees.

Human Resource Development

Due to the shortage of skilled workers in the economy, many of the firms are providing their workers with incentives so that they do not go off to other firms which perhaps pay more or provide more benefits. No one would want to lose a well qualified and well-trained employee to the competition! By keeping the best of employees, a firm is likely to grow in all aspects which will, in turn, benefit the employee as well.

The human resource development itself is a guide through which the human resource department of a firm is able to develop and further refine the skills and abilities of employees. The HRD is responsible for providing employees with opportunities such as

  • Training
  • Career development
  • ¬†improved performance
  • ¬†Planning and executing plans to reach goals
  • ¬†Organizing and carrying out other various jobs within an organization.

The reason the human resource development focuses on these aspects is due to the fact that they want a workforce which is better than the rest. This way each employee of the firm will be able to meet the individual goals set out for him/her by the firm. They will also be able to provide better services and quality work.

Human resource development (HRD) can take place either within an organization or outside of it. It can be a formal way through which skills are increased in the workforce. Formal ways of conducting human resource development are college courses or perhaps even a workshop.

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