I need Help with my Homework

Isn’t it true that when we sit down to do our homework everything around us that we usually don’t pay attention to becomes interesting and important! Suddenly washing dad’s car and bringing groceries from the store become such important tasks. This happens with almost everyone, no one likes doing homework but teachers don’t understand that!

You have to do your homework, there is no running away from it however what you can run away from is the sinking feeling you get every time you think about your homework. You can make your homework time interesting, all you have to do is follow the guidelines below and you’ll see the next time you sit to do your homework, washing dad’s car wouldn’t be important.


This is the time of the day when you can be most productive because you are alert at this time. You have just come home from college and whatever you studied is still very fresh. Doing your homework at this time will make it faster and interesting.

Sections of time

Try to take small sections of time out and do your homework while on the bus or while still in school. This way even if you’re not able to finish all of your homework at once there will be very less left to do at home.

Reward yourself

Set time for yourself in which to finish your homework. If you are able to finish it in that time span reward yourself by doing something you like, watch your favorite TV show or hang out with friends. Setting a time and a reward for yourself will motivate you into completing your homework in that time.

Keep things ready

Getting up again and again while doing your homework will result in loss of attention and motivation. Sometimes when you get up to get something from the other room something else might grab your attention and it might be hours before you get back to doing your homework. Therefore keep all your stationery and other necessary material ready and approachable when you sit to do your homework.

Pay attention

When you sit to do your homework turn a deaf ear to all the voices and eliminate all distractions. This way all your focus will be on your homework and you will be able to finish it faster and more efficiently.

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