The greatest security risk for the United States

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Everybody agrees that the global spread of AIDS is reaching catastrophic magnitudes, previously the Clinton government officially designated the disease for the very first time as a threat to American national security that could collapse foreign governments, touch off ethnic wars and undo decades of work in building free-market democracies abroad. {Myers G., K. MacInnes and B. Korber. 1992}



After the discovery of AIDS in 1983, the spread of HIV increased very rapidly. In spite of progress in some areas, HIV/AIDS shows no signs of abating globally. About 2.3 million individual lost their lives due to AIDS throughout the world during 1998, increased dramatically from 0.7 million in the year 1993, and there were 5.8 million new infections. According to World Health Organization, some 33.4 million individuals living infected with HIV by 1998, increased from 10 million in 1990, and the number might reach more than 40 million by the end of 2004.

Though infection and death rates have slowed down significantly in developed countries due to the increasing use of preventive measures and expensive new multidrug treatment therapies, the virus continues to spread in most of the underdeveloped world, where 95 percent of global infectious diseases and deaths have occurred. Sub-Saharan Africa presently has the greatest regional burden; however, the virus is spreading more rapidly in Indian, Russian, Chinese, and much of the rest of Asia. HIV/AIDS most likely will bring about more deaths than any other single infectious disease around the world by the end of this decade and may account for up to one-half or more of viral disease deaths in the developing world only. {Escobedo, 1999}

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