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Confucius, on the other hand, is more explicit in his views about governing, advising to give treatment which the ruler would like as there are chances that the ruler may be treated in that way. In addition, if there is uncertainty then it is better to leave the place of unrest. In addition, if the governing class is correct and right then there is no need to correct the public as they will automatically comply, therefore virtue righteousness and respect are more important than laws. And the most important thing for Confucius is the confidence of people.

Therefore in my view, as these verses and sayings imply that to govern is a great responsibility and laws regulations are not helpful, instead if there is the truth, justice and people’s confidence then the rulers can govern without the rules. This for me is radical thinking. It has made me pessimistic to a certain extent as governance as accepted in our society is not what is being imparted by these philosophers. In my opinion, if we follow the principles and create governance which follows this teaching a revolution will occur where the public and the poor will be empowered instead of the rulers.

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