Giving a presentation is one of the most fearsome tasks among students. The day a presentation is due students are rattled with extreme anxiety. Things like stage fright, extreme nervousness about being embarrassed by a large audience, and lack of confidence are very common factors related to giving presentations in a classroom. This article will help you ease your anxiety and give presentations easily and comfortably without the element of fear and nervousness. Discover some simple tips below to give presentations more effectively.

Know Your Requirements

Make sure that you know what the presentation is all about. Do you have to convince your audience or inform them about some new concepts, in other words, is it explanatory or persuasive. Know the time you need to take to give the presentation and if you are allowed to use the visual aids.

Take the Decision

Decide whether you want to use PowerPoint, overhead projector, or slides to give the presentation. Using PowerPoint is the best way as it can help you engage your audience more easily in the presentation.


You know all the specifications now organize your presentation chronologically and practice as much as you can. Make sure you understand your topic very clearly. Rehearse it over and over in front of your family and friends. Have them evaluate each time you rehearse. Improve your mistakes and try to make it as good as you can.

What to Avoid?

Slow down your speech and avoid speaking too fast as it can put your audience off very easily. Your prime objective of giving the presentation is to engage your audience so speaking fast is certainly not commendable.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact conveys that you are confident and you are well informed about the presentation topic. To do this you can memorize the most important points of your presentation. Keep note cards in case you forget something in your presentation.

Once you have given the presentation ask your classmates and teacher for positive feedback. It may not be perfect but you can always take the positives away to improve every time. The first few seconds are vital while giving a presentation as that is when you are most nervous but as you begin to speak it goes away gradually. The best way to counter this is to close your eyes for few seconds take a deep breath to ease the nerves and then start with the presentation.

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