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An urban legend can be described as a tale with a moral, very similar to ancient folklore, but since it is from a more recent past, that is a post-industrial period, these stories are given this name. According to Snopes (Mikkelson and Mikkelson), these demonstrate social and cultural concerns and values; these stories give a sense of meaning to life. There is always a feeling of fear, awfulness or humor associated with such tales. There are certain common themes running through these legends. These narrative tales are told and retold on behalf of someone who heard it in the first place. Secondly, it comes in form of a cautionary and moralistic story the intention being to stop someone to indulge in certain activities. It is personalized, but at the same time usually, no specific names, place or time of the event are known. Brunvand (1981), in recent times, documented these tales as part of modern folklore.  Through his work, he was able to bring forward the idea that folklore is not limited to ancient times, and that this tradition is still continuing. The Fatal Hairdo is one such urban legend which has been going around since the seventies. This paper takes a look at the story, it analyzes the background behind this legend and finally, this paper tries to identify it as fact or fiction.

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