Sample Essay –  Workplace Violence

3 works cited

Length: 1039 words

Abstract: Workplace Violence has increased threefold over the past 40 years. Something must be done to curb this as employees need a safe working environment.

Violence in the workplace is something which is recognized as being a social problem as it is a phenomenon which almost every organization faces. In 1995, 21 percent of violent crimes conducted all took place while the victim was at work or was travelling to work or home from work. These statistics have been provided by the American Department of Justice. Out of the total amount of violence which took place between 1992 and 1997, violence in the workplace accounted for around 2 million crimes (Kaufer). This paper will give an overview of violence in the workplace and will describe the costs and effects it has on the workplace as a whole and on the people individually. Once violence takes place within the workplace, business can be affected as well as the emotions of the people who may have been involved as part of the violence and the other employees in general (Ecis).

Up until 1970’s, workplace violence was something unheard of. However since the 1970’s, the violence in this particular situation has increased 3 times. Companies downsize, re-organize themselves and ask more of their workers which increases the amount of stress which they undergo (Mattman).

Something must be done in order to keep employees under protection from this menace.

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