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The tools designed to carry out an effective and efficient evaluation involves the evaluation sheet; reactionaries that evaluates objectives, instructor, time, methodology, learning aids and instructional activities; used of questionnaires and interviews; and direct observation of the workforce behaviours.

To um up the paper, the paper has discussed the various critiques that should be included to the available training models and theories in order to make employee training to increase its quality to facility successful capacity development. In addition to that, the area of resources allocation should be made more available to involve more stakeholders and consultants to have their contribution to substantiate the training intervention. In addition the paper has discussed how to evaluate the learning intervention.

In general, training needs assessment is critical for successful training and should cover three levels of organization, occupational and individual; learning objectives should be well formulate; the need and learning objectives for the intervention should guide the process; principles that can be used to increase performance are understanding, interest, participation, feedback and emphasis; transfer is critical to effectiveness of the training intervention and vary, therefore it should be reinforced by use of the follow up activities; and lastly evaluation is vital to an organizational intervention and should look at all aspects.

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