Sample Essay

The ABC bank also has to be aware of the risks that it is going to take on by conducting business process remodeling and by investing in a system which can aid in decreasing the costs and inefficiencies put forward by the current system.

These risks can be accounted for by identifying the actual cost and risks that the bank is currently taking on by continuing on with its current systems and analyzing and comparing them with those presented by a proposed solution system for the ABC banks’ problem.. More over it needs to be taken into account as well that the banks strategic code of operations and the current policy that was set at the time of initiation of the retail division for the bank is against the current process as the policy tends to aim towards increasing customer loyalty and providing the clients with high quality professional services without hassle. The main risk that the ABC bank is taking on by going ahead with the current system pertains to losing the current customer and clients of the bank as well as creating a bad image in terms of service provision, data inconsistency and lack of technology orientation.

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